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It’s World Marmite Day

Apparently it is World Marmite Day.  This may be fake news, but I’ll play along.  Marmite has a love it or hate it reputation.  Personally I hate it.  To me it has a chemically taste that I just cant abide.  However, I love yeast extract and we have three popular yeast extracts in store that are not Marmite.

My favourite is Meridian Yeast Extract with Salt.  It has a rich, sharp flavour and goes great on rice cakes for a low calorie snack.

We have the Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract.  I also like this one.  It has a smoother, creamier flavour than the Meridian and is a superior yeast extract all round.

We also have a reduced salt yeast extract called Natex and while not one I choose to eat is actually our most popular yeast extract.

Yeast extract has a wide variety of tastes and I can say from personal experience that just because you hate Marmite, you don’t necessarily hate yeast extract.  You might even love it.

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