Indigo Wholefoods Community is a platform for all stakeholders of Indigo Wholefoods including its customers to participate in delivering values shared by Indigo Wholefoods and the community, identify the evolving needs of the community and meet them by collectively creating solutions and help deliver a thriving, diverse values-based business community in Moseley.

By joining for free, today, you are:

  • supporting Indigo Wholefoods
  • participating in Indigo Wholefoods
  • supporting values-based business in Moseley
  • supporting local businesses and creators
  • supporting local health practitioners
  • supporting our low-income initiative

As a member you will also get:

  • exclusive discounts and opportunities
  • £5 to spend whenever you refer-a-friend
  • access to our low-income initiative
  • and much, much more

Indigo Wholefoods Community is our way of supporting the community, who have supported us since 2008, recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, by using the values we share as a basis for a movement to support each other & the wider community around us.


values-based business

Indigo Wholefoods is a values-based, stakeholder-led business.  The success of the business is measured not on how much profit it makes but on the values it operates by and how it inspires the people who participate in it.

Community of STAKEHolders

Anyone who participates in Indigo Wholefoods is a stakeholder in Indigo Wholefoods  This includes customers, employees, directors, shareholders and suppliers.  It also includes anyone who benefits from the presence of Indigo Wholefoods including local residents, other service-users of Moseley, local businesses and anyone with an interest in the values of Indigo Wholefoods.


Our stakeholder community leads the direction Indigo Wholefoods and Indigo Wholefoods Community takes by expressing opinions, supporting action and participating in creating value for others in the community.

Here's how Community works

Step 1 - Join

When you join Indigo Wholefoods Community you are recognised as a stakeholder of Indigo Wholefoods.  You can participate in deciding the future of Indigo Wholefoods,  Indigo Wholefoods Community and create value for Community members and the wider locall community.  You are supporting Indigo Wholefoods to deliver the values we share.  

Step 2 - Participate

Community members can participate in Indigo Wholefoods Community as much or as little as they want.  It can be a little as dropping into the shop to buy your favourite item once or twice a week or as much as creating your own role within the Community to deliver our shared values in a way that is unique to you.

Step 3 - Support

When you join Indigo Wholefoods Community you are supporting Indigo Wholefoods to deliver our shared values.  You are supporting low-income families to access the values of Indigo Wholefoods through our Low-Income Initiative.  There are many other ways to support Indigo Wholefoods and Indigo Wholefoods Community.

Step 4 - Tell Others

The more people who participate in Indigo Wholefoods Community the bigger the difference we can make.  Every time someone joins Indigo Wholefoods Community and mentions your name we will give you and your friend £5 worth of loyalty points to be spent in-store at any time. (Conditions apply)

Our Company Directors

George has been working for and running values-based businesses since 1995, but since 2008 he has run Indigo Wholefoods.  He is committed to making a difference for the people his business serves.

George Howell

Founder & Company Director

Anita has been a director of Indigo Wholefoods since 2015 and is George's wife.  She has many years of retail and caring work experience and brings that all to Indigo Wholefoods.

Anita Aggarwal

Company director

Join Indigo Wholefoods Community for free today!

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it is that we need each other, we are in this together and we will rise together.

George Howell

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If you require any further information about Indigo Wholefoods Community or Indigo Wholefoods, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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