September 28


It’s World Marmite Day

By George Howell

September 28, 2018

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Apparently it is World Marmite Day.  This may be fake news, but I’ll play along.  Marmite has a love it or hate it reputation.  Personally I hate it.  To me it has a chemically taste that I just cant abide.  However, I love yeast extract and we have three popular yeast extracts in store that are not Marmite.

My favourite is Meridian Yeast Extract with Salt.  It has a rich, sharp flavour and goes great on rice cakes for a low calorie snack.

We have the Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract.  I also like this one.  It has a smoother, creamier flavour than the Meridian and is a superior yeast extract all round.

We also have a reduced salt yeast extract called Natex and while not one I choose to eat is actually our most popular yeast extract.

Yeast extract has a wide variety of tastes and I can say from personal experience that just because you hate Marmite, you don’t necessarily hate yeast extract.  You might even love it.

George Howell

About the author

George Howell has been running Wholefood Shops in Moseley, Birmingham, UK since 1997 and has been an environmentalist since the mid-80's when, as a child, his mother took him to Friends of the Earth. He is committed to making a difference for people, for Moseley and for the environment.

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