June 10


Organic Supermarket – It’s all about the soil

By George & Anita

June 10, 2022

On the 10th May 2022, the Queen delivered her speech in the House of Lords laying out the plans for her government during the next session of parliament.  It included reference to the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, to "encourage agricultural and scientific innovation at home.  [This] legislation will unlock the potential of new technologies to promote sustainable and efficient farming and food production." In other words this bill could open the door to genetic engineering and gene editing becoming the norm in British Farming.

We only have to take a look at the damage genetic engineering has done to farming, farming communities and the soil in the agricultural heartlands of the United States, where farmers were pursuaded to change the land management techniques passed down through generations in favour of new technologies promising sustainabilty and efficiency since the 90's, to understand the potential problems with this technology.

This comes on top of the last sixty years of pesticide and chemical fertilizer use that is robbing the top soil of the diverse microbiome that delivers soil health and human health.  It should come as no surprise that when the microbiome of the planet is depleted the microbiome of the human organism is depleted and the rise of chronic disease over the same period may be evidence of that.  Corrolation does not equal causation but it is a huge signal that has been under researched and it has been under researched because most of the funding for such research is blocked by Big Agriculture and Big Pharma links.

The answer to these escalating problems is to reject the encroachment of genetic engineering and gene editing, and returning to natural farming methods.  Farmers and farming communities need to practice regenerative agricultural practices and as consumers wherever possible we need to choose organic over conventional.

At Indigo Wholefoods we are undertaking the biggest change in our fourteen year history, by creating a shop* and online shop that stocks only organic, regenerative, biodynamic products that are always guaranteed to be GM free.  This enables organic consumers in Birmingham and beyond to choose organic without having to search for organic produce amongst the rest of the produce.  It provides a wide variety of organic options that are typically not available in supermarkets.

*Our shop will be fully organic as soon as we have sold through existing non-organic stock except for a small section of locally made products as we also support local product creators and other local small businesses.  Our online shop relaunches this week as a fully organic shop.

For more details about the impact of genetic engineering and chemical agriculture watch these videos:

Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health - Dr Zach Bush

Farmers Footprint: Regeneration - The Beginning

GMOs: Engineering the Nature out of Humanity - For all the science behind the catastrophe of GMO's and chemical farming.

George & Anita

About the author

George Howell has been running Wholefood Shops in Moseley, Birmingham, UK since 1997 and has been an environmentalist since the mid-80's when, as a child, his mother took him to Friends of the Earth. He is committed to making a difference for people, for Moseley and for the environment.

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