The What Works For Me Study

The What Works For Me Study

The What Works For Me Study is a guided journey through trying a supplement or remedy for symptoms or conditions and analyzing whether the supplement or remedy has achieved the results you were hoping for when you started it.

One of the biggest problems we face in the vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) market is that people go to a health food shop like Indigo Wholefoods, buy a product off the shelf, take it and don’t get the results they are looking for.  It undermines confidence in our products and discourages people from trying products that could genuinely help them.

There are many reasons why VMS products don’t appear to work.  These include not taking the product continuously, not taking the product for long enough, expectations that are not realistic, taking the wrong product (either through poor advice, poor research or not understanding the underlying reasons for the symptoms), poor quality product, maintaining causes (dietary choices, allergies and intolerance’s, lifestyle choices), even forgetting why the product was being taken in the first place (when symptoms disappear its amazing how easy it is to forget we ever had them) and only then could it be possible that the product simply doesn’t work or doesn’t work for any given individual.

The purpose of The What Works For Me Study is to help people get the most out of their VMS products.  To understand why they are taking the product and on what basis (recommendation or research), to observe any changes in symptoms over the course of three months and then ask questions to help them analyse the outcome and move forward.

The What Works For Me Study is not for people with serious conditions, its not for people suffering from symptoms they do not fully understand nor is it for fast moving or potentially serious symptoms.  Your first port of call is your medical professional or alternative health professional.  It is in the most part for people with chronic low level symptoms that have defied treatment so far and for people who have consulted their medical or health professional, are content with using VMS products and want a means to monitor their progress.

This is currently a free resource not just for people who use Indigo Wholefoods but for anyone wanting this kind of support.  Other health food shops may use the document but please leave the accreditation on.  The study is for your own personal use.  We do not collect data from the study.  If you want some friendly advice before or after using the study please contact me, visit Indigo Wholefoods or visit your local health food shop or alternative health professional whom I am sure would be happy to help.

Click on the link below or at the top of the page to access the document.

The What Works For Me Study

August 18, 2018
George Howell

About the Author

George Howell has been running Wholefood Shops in Moseley, Birmingham, UK since 1997 and has been an environmentalist since the mid-80's when, as a child, his mother took him to Friends of the Earth. He is committed to making a difference for people, for Moseley and for the environment.

George Howell

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